Learn About Popular Indian Date Suppliers

What to look for when shopping for dates from the Internet or through local markets: this is especially true for those of you who plan on traveling to Rajasthan, India or Kerala, India. Popular Places. These are some of the most popular places to buy Indian date fruit.

Medjool (Kabkab) dates is one of the oldest suppliers of dates. Popular in south India. It has a slightly bitter taste and is good if you are looking for that ‘dates taste’ (it is quite bitter but the sweetness compensates this). You can also buy Medjools dates supply from Medjool’s outlets and even in supermarkets.

Kabkab dates is a new entrant in the Indian dates market and has come up with a very unique product, made out of dates and bananas. The dates used here are somewhat higher in demand than regular dates, as the bananas are quite cheap and easy to source from the nearby regions in India. In fact, the whole business of dates in India began with this product launch. Now, the business of dates is big and booming.

Diamond (or emerald) dates are the next most popular type of dates in India. Diamond dates are good to eat and are rich in vitamin C. These dates are popularly marketed in many outlets across the country. They also do not require any special storing methods as they do not go rancid. Again, diamonds are cheap and easy to source from anywhere in India. It is a good idea to source these dates wholesalers online.

Pinoites are quite popular for making puffed rice. These are usually sold in the local market as flour but can also be procured online. Unlike all the other grains, the price of pinoites is on the higher side. The grains themselves are not that easy to chew, but the flavor is great. These are more popular with non-vegetarians.

Dried fruits are another option for people who like to have something different at their meals. These options include dried mangoes, papaya and so forth. Like any other type of product, the price of these dried fruits is relatively higher than that of fresh ones. This is one of the reasons why it is best to source your favorite dates from dependable Indian suppliers.

When it comes to packing, it is best to use boxes or bags which are made of acid free material. This is to avoid any kind of chemical reaction that might spoil the product. It has been found that this is one of the main reasons why the finished product does not retain its freshness. Therefore, it makes sense to find reliable suppliers who offer good quality packaging.

Buying Indian dates is not at all difficult. However, choosing reliable sources is more important. As with many other products, there are numerous suppliers on the internet. However, only a few of them can be trusted for good quality dates. To make the selection process easy, you should visit a website which offers a detailed list of all the suppliers located in your region. Further, the website must have a feedback section where previous buyers can comment on the services provided by the site.